Hands on Tarot

Archetypes in the Major Arcana

November 14, 2022 Season 1 Episode 3
Hands on Tarot
Archetypes in the Major Arcana
Show Notes

Hi!!  Welcome to the Hands on Tarot Podcast

In this episode, we will be going through the Major Arcana and the different archetypes we see within these 22 cards.

I also share the archetypes in the Modern Goddess Oracle and give an example of how you can use different archetypes in your daily life.

Decks Used: True Heart Intuitive Tarot
                              Modern Goddess Oracle

Practice What You Learned:
- Try out this spread from Emerald Lotus Divination
- Look through the cards of the Major Arcana and list your own archetypes
- Choose an archetype from your deck and try to embody these qualities          during the day/week
- Calculate your birth archetype

Book Recommendations:
The Key to Tarot - Sarah Bartlett

I also have a video version of this podcast on Youtube

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Thanks for tuning in. I see tarot in your future ;)