Hands on Tarot

Using Tarot to Connect with Ancestors

December 31, 2022 Susie Gourlay Season 1 Episode 4
Hands on Tarot
Using Tarot to Connect with Ancestors
Show Notes

In this episode, we will be looking at different ways we can use tarot for communicating with the ancestors.  I will be discussing some different spreads and talking about creating your own ancestor altar.

Decks Used: The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot
                              The Spirit Keepers Tarot (Revelation Edition)
                               Spirit Cats Oracle
                               Ancestral Oracle of the Celts
One I didn't mention but I have ordered and plan to use with my ancestor veneration
                                Momento Mori Oracle

Practice What You Learned:
- Try out these spreads from Ancestral Tarot (Nancy Hendrickson)
           - The Journey Spread (7 cards)
           - Getting to Know You Spread (5 cards)
           - Ancient Ones Spread (3 cards)
           - Saying Thank You & Goodbye Spread (5 cards)
- Check the meaning of your surname
- Create and ancestor altar (can even be as simple as a candle and a photo or items in a jar.  Here are some pictures of my ancestor altars

Book Recommendations:
Ancestral Tarot - Nancy Hendrickson
Magickal Mediumship - Danielle Dionne
Honoring Your Ancestors - Mallorie Vaudoise

I also have a video version of this podcast on Youtube

Questions or Comments:
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Website: www.susiegourlay.com
Instagram: @handsontarot & @woolly_witch

Thanks for tuning in. I see tarot in your future ;)