Hands on Tarot

Using Lunar Energy with the Tarot

March 26, 2023 Susie Gourlay Season 2 Episode 3
Hands on Tarot
Using Lunar Energy with the Tarot
Show Notes

Using the energies of the moon each month is a great way to connect with the natural world.  Much like tarot it also helps us to connect with our subconscious.  We can use both in conjunction to gain insight and clarity with our emotions, fears, shadow aspects and more.   When we track the moons movement in the sky and sync the phases within our daily lives, we can see a lot of correlation. 

Decks Used: The Northern Animal Tarot
                              Pagan Otherworlds (Moon Cards)
                              The Moon Oracle
Practice What You Learned:
- Go through your deck and pull out which cards you see aspects of the moon.
- Try to create a regular practice of drawing 4 cards (one for each phase) at the new moon and see how they correlate to your life that month.  You can ask “how will the phases of this new lunar cycle affect my mood?”
- Try out these spreads based on the current moon phase
- Use the moon's cycles to for guidance on specific topics
- Try using your cards for manifesting with the moon's energy

Book Recommendations:
The Moon Book – Sarah Faith Gottediener

Holistic Tarot – Benebel Wen

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot – Liz Dean

The Magic of Tarot – Sasha Graham

Tarot by the Moon – Victoria Constantino

Magickal Tarot – Robyn Valentine

Tarot Disassembled – Jennifer Cooper Steidley

Tarot: Your Personal Guide – Steven Bright

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