Hands on Tarot

Using Tarot to Find Lost Items

November 22, 2023 Susie Gourlay Season 2 Episode 7
Hands on Tarot
Using Tarot to Find Lost Items
Show Notes

Believe it or not, you can use tarot to find things like keys, wallets phones, jewellery, documents and even lost pets.  The main idea is to use your cards to find out clues about the lost item’s whereabouts and if it is possible to find it or not.   Using the elements in the suits, the zodiacs associated with the Major Arcana and even reversals you can glean a lot of information to help in your cause.

Decks Used: Penumbra Tarot - Ethony Dawn & Eris Elizabeth
Practice What You Learned:
- Choose a deck with more imagery (not a pip deck), and try out these spreads
- Find an image of an astrology wheel to help with direction (even use a deck that has the astrological sings on the cards to help)

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Resources: Thanks to https://twitter.com/Scottteaa/status/1146463189779001344 for some helpful hints

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