Hands on Tarot

Year Long Tarot Studies

November 27, 2023 Susie Gourlay Season 2 Episode 8
Hands on Tarot
Year Long Tarot Studies
Show Notes

If you are looking to begin a year long deck or tarot study, I share some of the ones I have come across and others I've used myself.  These can help you learn aspects of the tarot such as astrology and the elements or they can help you immerse yourself in a particular deck like the Wildwood Tarot.  There are a few things I get out of doing these myself such as aligning myself to the cosmos, and seeing how they really do correlate to specific energies throughout the year (As Above so Below).  Connecting myself to nature and the seasons to understand myself a bit better as well as making the most out of the natural cycles we all go through.  These studies also help you connect the meaning in your cards to everyday happenings which in turn, really help you live and breathe the lessons in the tarot.   

Decks Used:
Wildwood Tarot - Mark Ryan, John Matthews & Will Worthington
The Witches Wisdom Tarot - Phyllis Curott
Druidcraft Tarot - Philip Carr-Gomm & Will Worthington
Cantigee Oracle - Rae Diamond

Books Discussed:
A Year in the Wildwood - Alison Cross
- A Year in the Wildwood Facebook Study Group
Wild Magic - Mark Ryan, John Matthews & Will Worthington
The Moon Book - Sarah Faith Gottensdeiner
Moon Magick - DJ Conway
The Spirit Almanac - Lindsay Kellner & Emma Loewe
The Tarot Almanac - Bess Matassa

Great place to buy books & decks: Book Outlet
Decan Walk YouTube Videos: Marlene Theresa Decan Walk 2023
Moon Dips Candles - Made in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Moon Cards - Guide to Moon Magic Kit - Aurora Kane

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