Hands on Tarot

Using Playing Cards and Dice in Place of Tarot Cards

April 03, 2024 Susie Gourlay Season 3 Episode 3
Hands on Tarot
Using Playing Cards and Dice in Place of Tarot Cards
Show Notes

Divination using found objects or collected trinkets is a fun way to use your intuition and also add to your knowledge of tarot.  There are many ways you can add the use of dice alongside your readings or even as a separate system.  Playing cards are inexpensive (also highly collectable), but work very well for reading the cards.   There is a cool system of reading fortunes with Dominoes as well, your creativity is the only limit!

Decks Used: Halloween Dreams Playing Cards - Paulina Fae
                           - The Illuminated Tarot - Caitlin Keegan
                            - Dragon Age Inquisition Dread Wolf Dice
Practice What You Learned:
- Be on the lookout for playing cards you find outside as a spontaneous mini reading
- Find a set of DnD dice (these don't have to be expensive)
- Curate a collection of charms
- Try a reading with dominoes (check link below)
- Try out some cool shuffling techniques with playing cards

- www.instagram.com/tarot_aesthetic
- Sunnessa Spirited Tarot YouTube Video “How to Use DnD Dice for Divination
- The Hillybilly Oracle 2nd Edition webzine “Divination with DnD Dice Sets”
- Simply Witchery YouTube Video “Dice Divination 101”
- The Book of Ordinary Oracles – Lon Milo DuQuette
- https://www.serenapowers.com/dominoes.html
- http://www.domino-play.com/Games/FortuneGypsyAdvanced.htm
- Fifty-four Devils: The Art & Folklore of Fortune-Telling with Playing Cards - Cory Thomas Hutcheson

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